It is another new year (happy new year everybody!) and most people have already made many new year resolutions. Watching the news the last couple of weeks, most people in the new year hope to lose weight, get a better job, or just make more money. On the other hand, Ross Gardiner is encouraging people to get off Facebook as he has done for the last 5 months.

I never had a Facebook account and I don’t plan on opening one any time soon but I know many people who do and they are wasting an enormous amount of time on there obsessing over the number of “friends” they have, updating their status or keeping up with the status updates in friend stream. I just don’t find any of these activities particularly exciting and since I can always keep in touch with my good (and actual not just online) friends over email and telephone, I cannot imagine a need for me to give up all my personal information to yet another online service.

At any rate, I think Ross makes some excellent points as to why people should get off Facebook. Make it your new year resolution because if nothing else, this one is easy to keep. :)